Well actually, i’m not into this kind of things like zodiac and etcetra. But most of it, like has been written in http://relationships.likes.com/the-way-to-their-heart-sagittarius, are right. So, i just wanna share it for fun. Don’t take it too serious, check this out!


The Way to Their Heart: Sagittarius

#1 Keep the Conversation Flowing

Boring topics and lulls in the conversation will turn Sagittarius off. They’re fiery intellect responds best when it’s engaged in hot topics. Do a little Googling and bone up on a few subjects before your first date.


#2 Look on the Bright Side

Sagittarius likes optimism. If you’re a Debbie Downer, you’ll lose their attention. Talk enthusiastically about the future and keep the conversation upbeat and light.


#3 Check Your Jealousy at the Door

Sagittarians of both sexes are prone to have lots of friends of the opposite sex. Be prepared for this and accept it for what it is, friendship.


#4 Reveal Yourself in Layers

One dimensional people are a major turn off to Sagittarius. If you have any hope to woo them, you’ve got to be able to demonstrate a complex personality with deep character.


#5 Branch Out

Pack your social calendar and invite your Sagittarius to group outings. They want to know that they’re dating someone as social as they are.


#6 Take it outside

Sagittarius is at its best when outside. Whether you’re headed to the park, on walk, or maybe even a hike, spending time outdoors allows your mate to decompress and feel at peace.


#7 Reservation For Two

Sagittarius is a sign about town. If you didn’t know already, they love to be wine and dinned. So put on your Sunday best and head downtown.


#8 Do Something Unexpected

Spontaneity is a virtue as far as Sagittarius is concerned. So pack it up and take the road less traveled. It’s the kind of excitement Sagittarius loves.


#9 Make Travel Plans

Every Sagittarius dreams about the wild blue yonder. You may find common ground in your desire to travel. If you’re already dating, plan an exotic romantic getaway.


#10 Wear Orange

It may sound ridiculous, but it makes a lot of sense. Sagittarians love adventure and spunk and orange is the perfect embodiment of those. A pop of orange in your outfit will make Sagittarius look your way even if they’re not sure why.


#11 Be Agressive

If you do it right, Sagittarius has no problem letting you take control. They want to feel wanted, and they need it all the time so don’t be afraid to set the tone.


#12 Create a Magic Moment

Sagittarius loves to get carried away by the moment. Surprise them with a gift you know they’ll like, or plan your first date in their favorite childhood spot. They’ll be in just the right mood for you to ask them anything.


#13 Play Up Your Best Feature

Sagittarius tends to be hyper focused. To attract their attention, make a big physical statement. Wear something that makes your best assets stand out, because once they take notice, they’ll never look away.


#14 Go Deep

The centaur loves philosophical conversation as much as he loves adventure. Share your deep thoughts, your spiritual ideals and philosphies on life. Sagittarius will gladly follow you down the rabbit hole.


#15 Let Them Call You

It’s not that Sagittarius doesn’t like commitment. But they don’t like feeling pressured into one. You have to let this butterfly roam and see if it comes back to you. Constant checking up will drive them away.